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E-mail accounts

Math Dept users may have several email accounts as described below.

The andrew account is associated with the e-mail address, where username is the andrew ID. This is the account associated with most official communication with the university administration. Spam filtering is done on the mail servers. Forwarding the email and handling the quota from the andrew account can be done through the CMU Mail Tools, or by using the instructions here. The andrew email can be accessed through any IMAP-capable reader, or through a web interface.

The math account on the clusters is associated with the e-mail address, where username is the math ID. There is very little server-side spam filtering for this account, making it appropriate for users that want to do their own custom client-side mail filtering. Forwarding the email arriving on the cluster account can be done by creating a .forward file with the address to be used for forwarding, or a list of addresses separated by commas on the same line. The math email can be accessed through any IMAP-capable reader.

Are there any spam filters available?

The andrew mail system has a set of filters that can be made effective via Please call the help desk for up-to-date information, legal disclaimers, etc.

There is very little server-side spam filter on the normal e-mail account.

Usually client-side spam filters are much more effective than server-side filters, and can be quickly trained by the user to eliminate most of the spam. Mozilla Thunderbird is a very good example of client with excellent spam filtering capabilities.

E-mail client configuration

Andrew e-mail:

Math e-mail:
   Incoming Server Name:
   Port: 993
   Use secure connection: SSL
   Authentication: password

   Outgoing Server Name:
   Port: 25 or 465 (whichever works for you)
   Use secure connection: TLS
   Authentication: password

An illustrated example for thunderbird configuration is here.

The above settings can be used for any IMAP-compatible mail readers, including mobile devices. For android, please use K-9 mail for large mailboxes.

Accessing the Usenet and the CMU BBoards

The Usenet groups and the local CMU Bboards are offered via IMAP as e-mail folders for the andrew e-mail readers.

Also, there is a public access NNTP server on the CMU campus network: Feel free to use it with any news reader.

Posting on Usenet newsgroups and on the CMU BBoards

You have to use an e-mail gateway; this is achieved sending your posting as a regular e-mail to "", where bboard_name is the name of the Bboard which should host the posting.