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Application Software

Open Source Software

The Math Dept computers are using mostly open source software, being based on one of the long term releases of Ubuntu. While Windows, MacOS, and mobile devices are welcome, their software and hardware maintenance is exclusively the responsibility of the primary user.

The Ubuntu computers have installed most of the open source packages that were historically requested by the users. If a new service or software is needed and is not already on the computer, please contact the support team at

Commercial software available

A list of software licensed by CMU can be found at

Most of the commercial software is installed on the andrew computers from the university-ran clusters.

The Math private computers in the clusters and offices contain a set of University licensed commercial software as Maple, Mathematica, Matlab. The users can run this software only if their login name on the math computer is the same as the andrew id, and if their status is included in the license agreement. Details and requests about software licensing can be obtained by contacting the CMU Help Desk.