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Scanners and Printers

Available public printers and their location

Printers available to the Math Dept personnel can be accessed from the office computers, cluster nodes, or can be configured on laptops by their owners. For most file formats, the command "lpr -Pqueue filename" can be used from a Linux computer to print to the queue "queue" the file "filename". If the result is not satisfactory, printing from inside a viewer for that specific file format can be used instead. E.g. a .docx file should be opened with the soffice application and printed from the Edit -> Print menu.

Name Location Description Queues Wean Hall 6120 HP LaserJet M605
with duplexer
code - one side
dcode - two-sided, flip on long edge
dscode - two-sided, flip on short edge Wean Hall 6120 HP Color LaserJet M652
with duplexer
bigcolor - one side
dbigcolor - two-sided, flip on long edge
dsbigcolor - two-sided, flip on short edge Wean Hall 7129 HP LaserJet M607
with duplexer
jet7 - one side
djet7 - two-sided, flip on long edge
dsjet7 - two-sided, flip on short edge Wean Hall 8133 Lexmark MS810
with duplexer
jet8 - one side
djet8 - two-sided, flip on long edge
dsjet8 - two-sided, flip on short edge

Printers can occasionally get stuck. If a job doesn't print, please power off and on the printer and try again. If it still doesn't work, please send the details (file to be printed, computer name and operating system) to

If printing a pdf document on a duplex queue generates one-sided printouts, please refer to this answer. If printing a text document directly to the printer via lpr command, or from applications that are using the lpr command (e.g. pine) does not generate the right printout, please refer to this answer.


During the business hours, scanning can be performed from the main copier in Wean Hall 6112. The result can be sent by e-mail to the user by involving the scan-to-email feature.

For more complicated jobs or after-hours scanning, a scanner is attached to the computer in Wean Hall 6120. This scanner works as following:

    • For batch jobs using the automatic feeder with Letter paper, please use the scan2pdfbw and scan2pdfcol commands for creating a black&white or color pdf document. Each page is scanned into an image named sheet????.pnm, and at the end they are joined together into sheets.pdf.
    • For custom jobs using the feeder or the flatbed, one of the graphical interfaces are better. Possible choices are gscan2pdf, iscan, xsane, or xscanimage. For each scan please make sure that the right feeder is specified together with the desired resolution, scanning mode and scan area.