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Other Services

Other services offered to the Math Dept personnel:

To access any of these services as a new user, please use the credentials from one of the available Math/Physics Clusters with a valid working account. If they don't work, please go to and follow the forms to create a password for yourself by using either your andrew credentials, or by resetting the password from one of the available Math/Physics Clusters with a valid working account. This is a one time process that will extend the validity of the cluster password to all the new services, but will not affect the andrew password.

For external collaborators (no andrew login), please generate an invitation to create sponsored guest accounts through -> Generate Registration Link. Such accounts give them access to all the services described on this page.

Project repositories

Most projects need a file versioning mechanism keeping a history of its development, allowing shared access, branching., and merging the changes from different collaborators. Through services like github, free repositories have significant limitations (e.g. public read access). Our server at offers a variety of repositories (git, svn, hg) and sharing options, while keeping full control over all the features. Repositories are restricted only to subsets of users of our server. For anonymous access please use one of the existing public services (e.g. github) as a second origin.

For easy ssh access, please configure the repository account with your SSH key:
My Account -> SSH Keys -> add description and content of ~/.ssh/
Then create an empty repository of your choice, and populate it with your project by using the following setup:

git remote add origin ssh://
then push/pull the contents.
svn checkout svn+ssh:// Local_Directory
cd Local_Directory ; svn add files/dirs ; svn commit

If the repository was allocated to a specific group of repositories in the web interface, that should be included in the URL. E.g. the new URL for GIT becomes: ssh://

Cloud storage

The Math Dept offers infrastructure for:

    • On-site large capacity cloud storage;
    • Large file sharing;
    • Backup/sync of public cloud volumes (like Dropbox or Google Drive).

All these services can be accessed via a web interface at or via clients available for Windows/Linux/MacOS and Android or IOS mobile platforms. The cloud software is called Cloud Station and was made available by Synology Inc.

Cloud Station client setup

Desktop configuration Linux (Win, Mac similar):

Login to -> Menu -> Cloud Station Server -> Overview -> Download Cloud Station client utilities -> download and install Cloud Station Drive (for desktops/laptops)
Install client by running the file:
For Ubuntu "sudo dpkg -i synology-cloud-station-drive-????.x86_64.deb"
Start the client:
For Ubuntu "synology-cloud-station-drive"
Domain Name:
User name/password: credentials on
Enable SSL: check
CloudStation dir: /home/CloudStation/Drive
Local dir (by default): ~/CloudStation
Decline to switch to QuickConnect if prompted.

Mobile app configuration:

Android: DS Cloud from Google Play -> Install DS Cloud
Add CloudStation:
Open home, select Drive
Map to Android -> data -> com.synology.dscloud -> Add Folder -> cloud.math
Sync Subfolders -> check
Max File Size: 100MB
IOS: DS Cloud from Apple Store -> Install DS Cloud
Account/Password: credentials on
-- OR --
IOS iCloud Drive -> works with DS cloud
Locations -> Edit -> DS cloud -> Enable

Mobile client Note: using DS Cloud makes a local copy of the files (fills storage); for accessing files on demand without local storage requirements please use WebDav through file browser as described below.

Integrating with the filesystem through WebDav

Linux/Windows/Mac through webdav shared volumes
E.g. Kubuntu 16.04: use file browser Dolphin
start dolphin -> Network (in the left column) -> right click Places | Network (right column header) -> Edit: webdavs://
Enter your credentials when prompted.
Android (WebDav capable file browser e.g. X-Plore)
Install X-Plore from the Play Store -> Web storage -> Add server -> WebDav
Select new server -> edit
Label: cloud.math (or pick your label)
Username/password: credentials from cloud.math
IOS (WebDav capable file browser e.g. FileExplorer)
Install FileExplorer from the Apple Store -> Add -> WebDav
Display name: cloud.math
Host URL:
User NamePassword -> credentials for cloud.math

How to share some of your files with other users

  1. Login to
  2. File Station -> CloudStation -> Drive -> identify files to be shared
  3. Right click -> share -> set password for file or share with local users
  4. Send link by e-mail

To delete shared file or modify link properties: File Station -> Tools -> Shared Link Manager

How to backup your files from public cloud systems

Cloud Sync: synchronize with other cloud services
Menu -> Cloud Sync -> pick cloud to be synchronized -> authenticate
E.g. Dropbox
Connection Name: Dropbox
Local Path: cloud -> home -> Create Folder -> DropBox
Remote Path: Pick folder to be synchronized
Next -> Apply
These directories are accessible through WebDav too (see above for configuration).

3D Printing in the Math Dept

  1. Find a ready-made 3D model at
  2. Make your own at or with your favorite 3D modeller (blender, FreeCAD, ...)
  3. Email your 3D model (.STL file) to and tell us what color/filament type you prefer. We currently stock: Black PLA, Silver PLA, Orange PETG, Black PETG and Black ABS
  4. Monitor your model being printed at (must be on campus network or VPN)
  5. Pick it up from Room 6102

We can advise on the best filament type for your model / use, otherwise refer to