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Other Services

Other services offered to the Math Dept personnel:

    • repositories through SVN(link to the title below)
    • cloud storage through owncloud(link to the title below) (experimental)

Project repositories

Most collaborative projects need a file visioning mechanism that takes care of the evolution of the files, merges the changes, and keeps the file in a central location for the highest availability. Single-user repositories can be stored using cvs. Multi-user repositories are typically managed by svn or git and may have a web interface to browse the files. Svn repositories hosted by departmental servers can be offered for collaborative project by seeing Florin in Wean Hall 6218 to discuss the best setup.

Cloud storage

Services like dropbox became very popular for sharing files between devices, but they are typically limited to 2GB of storage, An open source alternative based on ownCloud is offered by the departmental servers. Owncloud can be used to share files, to view common types of documents, as well as contacts, calendar, pictures. The service can be accessed from any flash-enabled browser as well as stand alone clients for Mac, Windows, Linux, IOS, Android which can be retrieved from the online stores or from the project's webpage

To access the service, please visit The username is the math login. This service needs a new password which should be set by visiting as described below.

Initial steps to set up the ownCloud service:

  1. a. If the math login is different from the andrew id, please see Florin in Wean Hall 6218 to set a password.
    -- OR ---
    b. If the math login is the same as the andrew id, please go to login with the andrew account and set up a new password for the ownCloud service. The same interface can be used later to change the ownCloud password or the email address.
  2. Go to and start using the ownCloud service. Files can be uploaded by dragging them over the webpage. The directory structure through the web interface has to be created by hand. Once the files are uploaded, they can be shared with other users or between different devices. Hovering the mouse cursor over the file name will give different options regarding the files. Files cannot be larger than 2GB each. Please be aware that files stored in the ownCloud area are not backed up.